Linden Hall Farm has been around for centuries.

The farm & orchard as its' known today started in the 1960s with Roy & Betty Byers.

The Byers & related families first took ownership of the farm in 1875, making Linden Hall Farm a Century Farm.

Roy Byers assumed management of the farm in 1950. The apple orchard which was originally set out in 1922 was half gone, so it was then replanted.

In the 1960s, Roy's wife Betty started selling produce from the front porch of the house. In the 1980s, the apple building was built, which consists of cold storage and the store that is still used today. 

The next 3 generations are proud to continue this legacy!

Mike & Chris

Roy & Betty's daughter, Christine (Chris)  and her husband, Mike, started renting the farm in 1996. They then took ownership from 2003-2022. 

Mike is a jack of all trades and can be found all over the farm. Chris can be found helping to milk cows, in the garden, or working in the store.

Joanna & Bill

Roy & Betty's daughter, Joanna, and her husband, Bill, also help around the farm.

Joanna can be found in the tomato or melon patch, tending to her herbs, or  working in the store. Bill is called in often to lend an extra hand wherever is needed, especially in the tomato patch.

Brian & Nicole

Mike & Chris' son, Brian,  took ownership of the farm in 2023 alongside his fiancé, Nicole.

Brian "does it all" around the farm, tirelessly tending to both the orchard and dairy operations. Nicole manages the farm's marketing, tours, bookwork, and helps out wherever else she can.

Tracey, Taylor & Wyatt

Mike & Chris' daughter, Tracey, and her two kids can also be found helping out around the farm.

Tracey lends a helping hand wherever she can, and the kids are in charge of us all as they learn and help around the farm with whatever we're doing that day.

Professional photos taken by: Shutter Mama Photography