More Varieties Coming!

Brian and Nicole are looking ahead to the future  here at the farm and have plans to plant NEW varieties of apples!

Apples take about 5 years to produce fruit,  but it will be worth the wait!!!


Pinkish orange stripes over yellow skin. Crisp, juicy & sweet. A favorite for snacks & salads.


Distinctive mottled red over a yellow background. A round, crisp, mild honey flavored apple. Great for snacks, salads, & sauce.


Tart apple. Good for baking and sauce. We only have a limited quantity of these each year!

Golden Delicious

Yellow with hints of green. Sweet & crisp. Excellent for snacks, salads, & all cooking purposes.

Grimes Golden

Yellow & tart. An old favorite, suitable for fresh use, cider, baking, & sauces.


Also known as Crispin. A pale green apple with crisp white flesh. Sweet & juicy with a firm texture. Excellent for snacking or cooking.

Red Delicious

Deep red, sweet & juicy. A favorite for snacks & salads. Not particularly suitable for cooking & baking.


Yellow with red patches. A blend of tart Jonathan & sweet Golden Delicious. Crisp, juicy with a sweet-tart flavor. Excellent for baking & sauce.


Red striping over a creamy background. A round apple that is extra crisp, sweet with a hint of tart. Best for all uses, especially snacks. Cameo resists browning when cut.


Tart, tangy, & firm. Good for eating, baking, cooking, or juicing. Very aromatic with rich red color.


Deep red with a spicy tart flavor. Firm & crisp. Great all-purpose apple.


Bright red with hints of green. A firm, crisp apple with a tart flavor. Excellent for all purposes.


Deep solid red, firm, & slightly tart. Excellent for baking and all cooking purposes.


Light red with a yellow blush. A cross between Red Delicious and Va. Ralls Janet. Flesh is dense, juicy, sweet, & crisp. Low in acid. Keeps well.

Pink Lady

Also known as Cripps Pink. Reddish-pink blush color. Cross between a Golden Delicious and Lady Williams. Very firm, sweet-tart flavor. Great for snacking, baking and cooking.

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