Yellow Cling Peaches

Excellent flavor and keeps well. Mostly red over yellow background, with non-browning, golden-yellow flesh. A sweet dessert peach for baking, canning and freezing. 

Erly Red Fre

White Cling Peaches

Fruit is large and of good quality for an early peach. Skin is highly colored and attractive. The flesh is white and may be slightly soft. 

Red Haven

Semi-Cling Yellow Peaches

The standard of early peaches. Color is red over gold & the flesh is very firm & of good flavor. A semi-cling peach is highly versatile, use for canning & freezing.

Sun High

Freestone Yellow Peaches

A large, smooth, yellow freestone of high quality. Flesh is firm, juicy, & sweet. Excellent for canning & freezing.


Freestone Yellow Peaches

One of the best with excellent flavor & high quality. Bright red blush over yellow, the flesh is firm, juicy, & sweet. Excellent for canning & freezing.


Freestone Yellow Peaches

Golden yellow with overlay of abundant red. Flesh is yellow, non-browning, juicy, & sweet. Excellent for canning & freezing.


Freestone Yellow Peaches

Late ripening freestone, flavor matches the best of mid-season peaches. Firm, medium to large. Good for eating, canning, & freezing.

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