We have eggs available year-round! 

Our chickens are free-range in a small pasture of their own with a coop to  lay eggs in & keep them safe at night.

Outside of produce season when our store is closed, eggs are still available by calling ahead or stopping by the red brick house during our posted hours.

Our chickens don’t stop producing eggs just because our store front isn’t open… farm-fresh Chicken Eggs are available here year-round!

We have 50 chickens that are free-range in their pasture. We have a coop for them for shelter, to lay their eggs, and to protect them from predators at night.

We feed them layer mash and scrap produce, plus all the bugs they get in their pasture.

We have four different breeds of chickens, 3 that lay brown eggs, 1 that lays white eggs - all the same nutritional value.

Unwashed eggs have a naturally-produced, thin, protective film called “bloom” over the shell. Unwashed eggs can keep, unrefrigerated, for several weeks.

We wash our eggs for you before you pick them up, and put them in the refrigerator, pointy side down to help keep them fresh. Refrigerated, farm-fresh eggs are best enjoyed up to 6 weeks!

During our off-season, you can pick-up eggs at the red brick house. Call ahead or stop by!