We have eggs available year-round! 

Our chickens are free-range in a small pasture of their own with a coop to  lay eggs in & keep them safe at night.

Outside of produce season when our store is closed, eggs are still available by calling ahead or stopping by the red brick house during our posted hours.


We still aim to provide you with affordable products straight from the farm. 🤝 

Egg prices in the stores have continued to rise 📈 and we’re usually the last to adjust our own pricing.

👉 Effective 1/31/23 our farm fresh, free-range, brown chicken eggs will be $4.50 per dozen. Call ahead to reserve since they are in such high demand! ☎️ 301-582-4884

Why are eggs prices rising so much? ⬇️ 

🥚 Avian Influenza (AI) hit poultry houses hard last year. It's a highly contagious virus in the bird species that is spread by wild birds. The only way to stop the spread is to euthanize infected flocks & completely sanitize their housing. Most poultry houses are just now in the stage of repopulation, however it takes months for hens to start laying eggs. Hence the egg shortage (and fundamental economics: when demand exceeds supply, prices rise).

🥚 Inflation. Everyone is aware that everything is more expensive right now. To the farmer, this means that the cost (such as feed, fertilizer, and fuel) to produce farm products are also more expensive. 

🥚 Government policies continue to put more pressure on farmers while reducing much of our resources. This is why organizations such as Farm Bureau help to give our farmers a voice in helping us feed & provide for the world. (Plug: anyone, not just farmers, can join to support the cause!)

Thank you for your continued support of our farm!